Potluck Name:Oakmont Civic Assoc. Breakfast with Santa
Potluck Details:
Potluck Location:American Legion Hall, Grasslyn Ave
Potluck Date:12/04/2010
Potluck Time:11:00
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/OakmontCABreakfastwithSanta

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Potluck Items
Andrea Heinerichs Drink Gallon of orange juice  *
Jean Coney Drink Gallon of orange juice  *
Kristen McGuire Side Dish Vegetable tray  *
Jennie Smith Side Dish Breakfast Pastry /Sweet  
John McNicholas Side Dish Breakfast Pastry /Sweet  *
Melissa Norton Side Dish Breakfast Pastry /Sweet  *
Bernadette Lawson Salad Green salad  *
Claim This Salad Green salad  
Nicole Barron Drink Gallon Apple Cider  *
Emily Martin Drink Gallon Apple Cider  
Sylvia Orfanakos Appetizer Appetizer  
Claim This Appetizer Appetizer  *
Claim This Appetizer Appetizer  
Terri Kasuba Drink Gallon of Water  *
jen aylmer Drink Gallon of Water  *
Erika Schell-Rompre Other Other  *
David Moore Other Other  
Aimee Reynolds Side Dish Breakfast Quiche/ Casserole  
Kelly Dowd Side Dish Breakfast Quiche/Casserole Bacon, Cheese and Egg Biscuit Cups  *
Jean Coney Side Dish Breakfast Quiche/Casserole  *
Erin Gold Side Dish Breakfast Quiche/Casserole  
Heather Sokollu Side Dish Dozen bagels & cream cheese  
Theresa Quigley Side Dish Fresh fruit  
Margie Campbell Side Dish Fresh fruit  *
Wyatt Delevan Snack Sweet  
Archie Dessert monkey cake  *
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