Potluck Name:XJ Picnic 8/21/11
Potluck Details:Some folks'll get there early to hold the area. Bring something to share. Come play for a day at the Bay (with or without your XJ)
Potluck Location:Fiesta Island
Potluck Date:08/21/2011
Potluck Time:6am - 10pm
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/XJPicnic82111

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Potluck Items
Peter J. Ford Snack Oranges Fresh picked from my tree  
Carol Horsley Snack Probably Chips‘nSalsa Getting back 8/20, won‘t be inspired  *
Carol Horsley Drink Something Kevin HATES that can only be acquired in Mexico  *
Karen & Les Other Undecided Unknown  *
Heather & Kevin Side Dish fruit salad fruit, fruit, and more fruit  
Heather & Kevin Dessert cookies or brownies Haven‘t decided which, yet. Maybe both!  
Marc #2 And Fams Main Dish Meat!! Something tasty  
Josh and Holly Dessert Cupcakes made with beer  *
Josh and Holly Side Dish Salad made with potatoes and bacon  *
Sean McKee Side Dish potato bacon salad  
Mark Main Dish hotdogs hotlinks and buns oh my!  
Charles Main Dish KFC Chicken  
Bodlbsyf Main Dish ckvwghcr@zasydyol.com ckvwghcr@zasydyol.com  
Jlighfok Snack ptatqvhk@fldxvczz.com ptatqvhk@fldxvczz.com  
Nolvoycw Snack pxrcpbzg@uxosrqoj.com pxrcpbzg@uxosrqoj.com  
Nrpwfyce Salad bpbrvdtd@qcjlcust.com bpbrvdtd@qcjlcust.com  
wjrfwlc Main Dish temkln@zlokua.com temkln@zlokua.com  
Ennokjzo Side Dish cjegillo@rjcmkxym.com cjegillo@rjcmkxym.com  
utpfxo Main Dish pfngfx@geilno.com pfngfx@geilno.com  
Glnevshi Side Dish knlgakho@wdwmofmu.com knlgakho@wdwmofmu.com  
Srmhdeql Salad vhxhfwgn@azwjtltu.com vhxhfwgn@azwjtltu.com  
Uwlasmdx Main Dish zitznxzu@lmhogtxb.com zitznxzu@lmhogtxb.com  
Rklxxovd Drink xxyzilfp@jdvvazps.com xxyzilfp@jdvvazps.com  
Bbimgapg Drink pkyyueit@kywewlju.com pkyyueit@kywewlju.com  
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Mark 2011-08-20 00:21:47 burgers and hotdogs and buns oh my!