Potluck Name:CFI Halloween Party
Potluck Details:See meetup site
Potluck Location:Boulders on the River
Potluck Date:10/30/2012
Potluck Time:6:30
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/CFIHalloweenParty

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Potluck Items
Deborah Burton Main Dish Soup Chicken Broccoli Basil Soup  
Ward Ricker Dessert Apple Crisp Apples with lots of yummy stuff in there  
who added this item? Dessert pumpkin bars pumpkin bars  
Ruth Miller Dessert Jello Brain Shaped Sugar Free Jello Strawberry-Lemon (that looks a lot like roast beef)  
Ruth Miller Drink Lemonaide Sugar Free Lemonade with Brain shaped Ice cubes  
Deborah Burton Snack Candy See‘s Chocolates (it‘s part of my costume!)  
Mary Hubbard Side Dish Cooked Veggies  
Claim This Side Dish Rice Dish  
Elizabeth Reams Side Dish Potato Dish I‘ll pick some up at Market of Choice - thnks to peeps bringing SF items!  
Judi Roche Snack deviled eggs  
Robin Snack Chips Because I don‘t feel creative. :)  
Ruth Miller Drink Coffee and Tea Tea Bags and Hot water, Coffee in Large Coffee Pot with sides of sugar, sweetener, hot chocolate and  
Lee Drink Beer Maybe something with pumpkin and another that‘s drinkable  
Ruth Miller Other Bowls, Napkins, Utensils Bowls, Napkins, Paper towels, Utensils  
Deborah Burton Other Cups Paper or Plastic Cups  
who added this item? Appetizer layered dip and chips  
Claim This Salad  
who added this item? Drink wine  
Art Jannicelli Main Dish Red Meat 3lb London Broil  
gail baker katz Side Dish swedish meatballs AH-My Midwestern Background  
Ruth Miller Drink Sangria Citrus Punch with fruit slices and a bottle of chilled Zinfandel Sangria on the side  
Marian Gudgel Side Dish  
Victoria Bernuth Salad Greek Salad with chicken  
Ruth Miller Dessert Pop Corn Balls With Jack-O-Lantern Designs  
Ruth Miller Dessert Caramel Apples 1/2 dozen, cut in half (making a dozen halves), some with crunchy coating  
Judi Roche Other Punch Bowl  
Donna Lessel Other Plates paper plates  
Art Jannicelli Drink Lager 12x Craft Brew Lager  
Claim This Main Dish Vegan Dish No animal products for our vegan friends  
divbycqm Side Dish divbycqm BksbWKBjisoP  
ipqbqevug Side Dish ipqbqevug sxNNqWTmuMkgSd  
Wlahxreq Snack puqkxlzs@yxqpmnli.com puqkxlzs@yxqpmnli.com  
Kbqzatgw Side Dish egqkudmo@ksyjthbc.com egqkudmo@ksyjthbc.com  
mtjwmk Dessert cpttsi@qjwkhk.com cpttsi@qjwkhk.com  
tpztwgyy Drink wxvwkt@zfemny.com wxvwkt@zfemny.com  
mjihqpagjwc Drink mjihqpagjwc ewmoApIvRFH  
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