Potluck Name:BMDL 12th Nite 2013
Potluck Details:Please list what you'll bring, to ensure maximum variety and yumminess!
Potluck Location:Lodge at North Park
Potluck Date:01/12/2013
Potluck Time:All day
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/BMDL12thNite2013

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Potluck Items
Elss Drink Diet and regular soda For mixers and beverages  
Elss Other Trash bags Clean up in Aisle 2!  
Margery and Arslan Side Dish Slaw cabbage,carrots, raisins,peanuts and spicy thai peanut vinaigrette  
Erin Dessert Pretzel Jello Strawberry, Jello, Pretzel, CoolWhip  
Erin Dessert Cupcakes Cupcakes..lol  
Ishiyama Main Dish Chicken MolĂ© Chicken (boneless) in a SPICY sauce, with rice on the side.  *
The Corbins Side Dish Bagels & Coffee Bagels and creamcheese from Panera  
Deryk Other Beverages Yummy goodness  
Aleea Main Dish ham  
Lynn Side Dish Sweet Potato Casserole sweet potatos and marshmallows  
Elizabeth Arrowsmyth Main Dish swedish meatballs meatballs in sauce in crockpot  
Melodia Dessert Buckeyes peanut butter and chocolate  
Ardghal Side Dish Rice Tart 16th century German pie  
Fushi Side Dish Roasted Potatoes Diced, seasoned, and cooked in the oven. Gluten free, lol.  
Visitor-Linda Side Dish sticky rice and carrots Dilled Carrots and Rice  
Raven and John Main Dish Penna Sausage Gluten FREE Penna sausage ,cheese, tomato.  
Liam and Constance Side Dish 3 Cheese Mac and Cheese A lovely blend of cheese smothering macaroni.  
Alaric & Elsbeth Main Dish Spinach quiche Eggs, cheese, spinach ... mmm  
Alaric & Elsbeth Side Dish Banana Bread Bananas, eggs, flour, sugar, spices  
Rachel Dessert Fudge  *
Edmundo Side Dish Beets Beets w/ honey & sour cream  
Justin Side Dish Japanese Rice Flour Raisin Bread water, dry yeast, agave syrup, rice flour, butter, salt, bread flour, raisins, dried apples  
Sarab Dessert Pfeffernusse German Spice Cookies  
Arianna Main Dish Hearty Homemade Chicken Soup Chicken, potatoes, carrots, pasta and seasonings in a crockpot  
Arianna Other Homemade rolls bread  
Amia (stormsport) Side Dish Baked Beans  
Amia (stormsport) Other Jello/fruit salad Cranberries, orange, apple and walnuts in Jello  
Sidony Salad Fruit salad Whatever looks good, cut up, with mint  
Isenwulf Side Dish Pepperoni rolls Pizza fixins in dough. Uses turkey pepperoni (no pork)  
Melodia Side Dish Mushroom Tart http://www.greneboke.com/recipes/mushroomtart.shtml  
Tegrinus Main Dish bbq PORK bbq pork sandwich meat  
Cynewyn Side Dish Scones craisin, sunflower seed scones  
She‘erah Main Dish Quiche cheese, onions, butter, eggs, ginger, vegetarian crust  
Amanda Side Dish Barley casserole Vegan friendly.  
Alana Salad Spinach noodle salad spinach, egg noodles, clementines, pomegranate, olive oil and lemon juice  
Kolfinna Dessert Flan a spanich egg custard  
Raven Side Dish Black Bean & Corn Salad Black beans, corn, tomatoes and Feta cheese  
Ceindrech Main Dish Lasagna One turkey, one spinach  
Isabel Appetizer veggies, bread a selection of fresh veggies, olives, bread, butter and whatever else looks tasty.  
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