Potluck Name:SDSL Holiday Party
Potluck Details:RSVP here for directions and details: http://www.sandiegosurfladies.com/Events?eventId=785918
Potluck Location:Michelle's House
Potluck Date:12/14/2013
Potluck Time:7:00
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/SDSLHolidayParty

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Potluck Items
Lisa Smith Appetizer Artichoke Dip and Beer  
Cynthia K Appetizer Guacamole & Chips  
Lisa Erickson Appetizer 5 layer dip and chips  *
Katie Wooley Appetizer app not sure yet... but something yummy  *
Tia May Main Dish Enchiladas Chicken and cheese enchiladas with green sauce  
Jimil Linton Main Dish Tamales Chicken Tamales  *
tiff joh Main Dish best case scenario: rolled tacos, worst case: cereal.  *
Claim This Main Dish  *
Allison Dessert Vegan Mixed Berry Pie  *
Liz B Dessert Flan  *
Michelle O via Eva Dessert Vanila Gelato Eva previously brought me A LOT of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Gelato from Gelato Vera  
Michelle O Dessert Chocolate Flourless Cake  
Andrea Dessert  *
Marisa Vallbona Salad My Famous Tossed Salad Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, hearts of palm, summer corn, cilantro, mandarin oranges, olive oi  
Claim This Salad  *
Jill Clifton Drink Soda (regular and diet) Coke, DCoke, Sprite, Sprite Zero  *
Jimil Linton Drink Ice Tea  
Janice Daniel Drink sparkling water  *
Laura Martinez Drink wine  *
Rebecca Batterson Drink beer craft type  
Barb Whatley Salad Quinoa Salad quinoa, mangos, cucumber, black beans  *
Justine Dessert Apple Coffee Cake Apple coffee cake with a crumble topping and brown sugar glaze  *
Meghan Hannigan Appetizer Cheese dip Homemade sharp white cheese and beer dip w bread and veggies  
Jackey Dessert Cake Pop Gonna pick up some of the cake pops they‘re selling at Rubios...so yummy!!  *
Liz B Drink Pineapple juice  
Janice Daniel Drink beer  *
Cyndie Bishop Salad Ensalada and tequila Fiesta in a bowl!  *
Emy Dessert Chocolate macaron French not Mexican...  *
Ycwunayp Main Dish rhscykwo@wiyxvsro.com rhscykwo@wiyxvsro.com  *
Xhzutqel Dessert sccwhdtr@qbsbhbva.com sccwhdtr@qbsbhbva.com  
Irnvjwtp Salad xmlfwogy@gvdiwhdj.com xmlfwogy@gvdiwhdj.com  *
Fnoocbcl Side Dish ikyeaxra@nyyrynpg.com ikyeaxra@nyyrynpg.com  *
fnhsqzuytke Drink cxrepi@qcfgyw.com cxrepi@qcfgyw.com  *
Ykywarjx Side Dish ghwjuncq@grfhyqcf.com ghwjuncq@grfhyqcf.com  
Eigcarvq Dessert oknffkcz@htcvdwrx.com oknffkcz@htcvdwrx.com  *
kyddilyix Salad homsrk@nqbtjk.com homsrk@nqbtjk.com  *
szmzjyz Dessert oeethm@hjsxau.com oeethm@hjsxau.com  
kmkdigljy Main Dish orblow@xujxaj.com orblow@xujxaj.com  
alekjezw Side Dish iqxwbs@tkgvvh.com iqxwbs@tkgvvh.com  *
zbhxjhy Main Dish jwqghc@dhesur.com jwqghc@dhesur.com  
ghdugl Main Dish jcxpgz@frgluo.com jcxpgz@frgluo.com  
jdldxqpqz Salad jdldxqpqz axZtWaAYxLczJsN  *
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