Potluck Name:MESH 10/29 Spooky rotisserie chicken
Potluck Details:Apple appetizer soup-pumpkin or squash? salad rotisserie chicken roast potatoes veggie pumpkin pie?
Potluck Location:UUCM 67 Church Street
Potluck Date:10/29/2014
Potluck Time:5:15-8:00
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/MESH1029Spookyrotisseriechicken

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Potluck Items
Rich Ferraro Other Volunteer F1  
Ramona Other Volunteer F2  
Ramona Main Dish Chickens 8 from Costco  
John Lytle Dessert Pumpkin Maple Pie 5 pies -- 40 servings  
Steve Ramshur Other Volunteer F3  
Zachary Ramshur Other Volunteer F4  
Valerie Ramshur Other Volunteer K1  
Ellen Fenster-Kuehl Side Dish roast potatoes enuf for 30  
Ellen Fenster-Kuehl Other volunteer F5  
Cindy Drink Volunteer F6  
Peggy Salad Volunteer Salad for 60; K2  
Jean Behrend Side Dish roast potatoes 35 servings  
Jean Behrend Other volunteer K-3  
Stephanie Cruz Other Intern F7  
Rosa Franco Other Intern F8  
Judy Lutzy Dessert Pumpkin Pies 4 Pies  
Grace Other Volunteer K5  
randi Other green veggie for all F9  
Kitty Cullina-Bessey Other volunteer K6  
Jana Appetizer Soup squash soup for 70  
Peter and Maggie Arian Other Volunteer f10 and f11  
John & Jade Lytle Other Volunteers K8 & f12  
Beth Joel & Harrison Appetizer Gloves, Supplies K7, F & Utility  
Leila Main Dish Chickens 9  
Collin Minert Appetizer Apple slices, cheese, crackers For 70  
Marcia Mandel Other Milk, Ice Milk, ice  
Collin Minert Other Volunteer K-13 (5-6:30)  
MSU INtern Appetizer volunteer K or F  
MSU Intern Appetizer K11 or F15?  
Erin Krupa Other Volunteer k4  
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