Potluck Name:DO Dead Man's Party '14
Potluck Details:Think "Twisted Vegas Buffet" for food, or Halloween items!
Potluck Location:Ashwood Hall, Wilgar's home
Potluck Date:10/25/2014
Potluck Time:7:00 pm
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/DODeadMansParty14

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Potluck Items
Dark Ones (via Requiem) Main Dish sub-prime rib roast  
Claim This Side Dish macaroni & cheese  
Claim This Side Dish scalloped potatoes or au gratin  
Claim This Appetizer shrimp  
Blaze Salad macaroni salad  
Claim This Side Dish baked ziti  
Kevin R Dessert rice krispy treats  
Deadeye Dessert Halloween cookies  
Kevin M Snack strips of flesh beef jerky  
Brionne Snack deviled eyes  
Pandora (Lari) Main Dish hot dogs & buns x48  
NonnyMouse Snack veggie tray  
Badger Appetizer chips  
Margie Dessert cake  
Sharon M Salad Ambrosia salad if I‘m able to come  
Requiem Dessert Ear Wax you‘ll have to wait and see. ;-)  
Requiem Snack Scabs you‘ll have to wait and see. ;-)  
Pandora (Lari) Appetizer devilish eggs  
Pandora (Lari) Appetizer chesse ball haloween chesse ball  
Scarlette Snack Treats for the Tricks Multiple candies to rot any tooth!  
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