Potluck Name:Mesh 11/5 Sloppy Joe Night
Potluck Details:Plan for 75 ppetizer-Fruit? Soup-Vegetarian Salad Sloppy Joes rolls Fries Veggie Dessert
Potluck Location:UUCM 67 Church Street
Potluck Date:11/05/2014
Potluck Time:5:15-8:00
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/Mesh115SloppyJoeNight

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Potluck Items
Steve Ramshur Other Volunteer F1  
Zachary Ramshur Appetizer Volunteer F2  
Valerie Ramshur Other Volunteer K1  
Cindy Drink Volunteer F3  
Stephanie cruz Other Intern F4  
Rosa Franco Other Intern f5  
Kitty Cullina-Bessey Other Volunteer F6  
Peter and Maggie Arian Other Volunteer K2 and F7  
Erin and Marianne Krupa Other Volunteer K3 & F8  
John & Jade Lytle Other Volunteers K4 & F9  
Jana Other Soup White bean and escarole  
Rich F Other Volunteer F10  
Maya Joyce Other Volunteer F11  
Aidan Joyce Other Volunteer F12  
Beth, Joel, Harrison, Other K5 & 6, F13  
Sheila Eby & Jean Behrend Main Dish Sloppy Joes for 35  
Lorraine Acosta Other Volunteer K7  
Lorraine Acosta Side Dish Fries enough for 70ish  
MSU Interns Other K8, K9  
Cara, Abby and JJ Richardson Salad Volunteer Salad enough for 70  
Beth/Lorraine Side Dish mixed veggies for 75  
Beth/Lorraine Side Dish Rolls for sloppy joes -- for 75  
Beth/Lorraine Appetizer apples slices for 75  
Ellen Main Dish Sloppy Joes for 35  
Marcia Mandel Appetizer K10, let me know if you don‘t want me to show  
John Lytle Main Dish Sloppy Joe mixture - vegetarian enough for 8 sandwiches  
Beth+ Dessert Brownies enough for all  
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