Potluck Name:Mesh 11/19 ITALIAN NIGHT
Potluck Details:
Potluck Location:UUCM 67 Church Street
Potluck Date:11/19/2014
Potluck Time:5:15-8:00
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/Mesh1119ITALIANNIGHT

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Potluck Items
Kitty Cullina-Bessey Other Volunteer F1  
Ellen Fenster-Kuehl Other Volunteer F2 leaving at 7:20  
Randi Other Volunteer F3  
Cindy Carlson Drink Volunteer F4  
Judith Rew Main Dish spinach lasagna really cheesy and delicious  
Stephanie cruz Other intern f5  
Rosa franco Other intern f6  
Arlene dodge Main Dish choir member meat and cheese lasagna  
UU choir Other minestrone soup For 70: Anne Evans, Sabine Ernst  
UU Choir Main Dish Lasagna For 70 w/meat sauce  
Collin Minert Other Volunteer K1  
John Lytle Dessert Sicilian Cheesecake 3 by me 7 total -- 10-12 slices per cheesecake  
Diane Specht Appetizer 140 moz., tomato and basil appetizers 140 toothpicked appetizers  
Diane Specht Other Volunteer  
Ami Brabson Dessert Cheesecake Cheesecake collaborator!  
Erin Krupa Other Volunteer K2  
Janet Schiller Other volunteer F5  
John & Jade Lytle Other Volunteers K3 & F7  
Peter and Maggie Arian Other volunteers k4 and f8  
Marcia Mandel Other volunteer K5  
Harrison Beth & Joel Other volunteer K10 F9 & F10  
Markus and Laurice Grae Hauck Salad Mixed Green for 70  
Judy Rinearson & Nick Lewis Side Dish Broccoli for 70  
Maria Faia & Alex Roon Other Volunteers  
Choir members Other Volunteer k5,k6,f11,f12  
Lorraine acosta Other Volunteer K7  
Jana, Maya & Aidan Joyce Other Volunteer K8, F13, F14  
Leila Other Volunteer K9  
Leila Dessert Cheesecake 2  
Jason Other Volunteer K11,K12, & F11  
Pat Lytle Other garlic bread for 70  
xdkaxmm Main Dish xdkaxmm czdgogOqN  
ecoaqv Side Dish ecoaqv xcjFfBJUwvvxvEJ  
cmkvmdhlv Side Dish cmkvmdhlv HoWbXWbF  
jhkedwafrxu Drink jhkedwafrxu wRoYAPSU  
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