Potluck Name:Troop 54 Court of Honor
Potluck Details:
Potluck Location:Epworth UMC
Potluck Date:04/14/2015
Potluck Time:6:30 PM
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/Troop54CourtofHonor2

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Potluck Items
MacNeal Main Dish Taco Twist Tex Mex Casserole  
MacNeal Main Dish Padang Chicken Indonesian curry  
Froimson Main Dish Beef Stew  
Froimson Drink Soda 3 x 2L bottle  
Froimson Appetizer Chips & Salsa  
McKeon Main Dish Sweet & Sour Kielbasa Polish  
Dinner Rolls Other  
Salad Side Dish  
Most Side Dish potatoes possibly mashed, possibly cheesy.  
Xavier Dessert Cookies Something yummy  
Xavier Dessert Cookies Something yummy  
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