Potluck Name:2017 Sharing Tree
Potluck Details:Select 1-2 items from the list of suggestions for each child. Please wrap presents, include a tag with the letter/number code (found on the item list under the WHO column) and place under the tree at Peace by Sun, Dec 17th. Thank you!
Potluck Location:
Potluck Date:12/17/2017
Potluck Time:
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/2017SharingTree

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Potluck Items
Claim This Other S1 - Girl, age 7 Church dress size 10/12  
Claim This Other S2 - Girl, age 4 Warm Tops/PJs size 5T, Doll house, play kitchen set or outside gloves  
Claimed Other S3- Girl, age 2 Dolls, Fuzzy Animals, PJs 3T  
Claimed Other W1- Boy, age 10 Men‘s Large full-zipper sweatshirts, Vikings, Books: ‘Wings of Fire‘, car/robot kits  
Claimed Other W2- Girl, age 4 Clothes size 6, Barbies, Princess toys or doll house  
Claimed Other K1- Girl, age 8 Warm Tops size 8/10, Stretch slacks size 10/12, Dream Tent or Kitchen set  
Claimed Other K2- Boy, age 6 Warm tops size 8/10, Flip-a-zoo animals, Ninjago Legos or Dinosaurs  
Claim This Other K3- Boy, age 5 Warm tops size 6/7, Play tent, Ninja Turtles, or Star Wars toys  
Claim This Other K4- Boy, age 4 Warm tops size 4/5, Seat pet, Paw Patrol or Play Tent  
Claimed Other K- Household Medium-sized plush blankets  
Claim This Other D1 -Girl, age 9 Warm tops 10/12, church dress, church shoes size 6 1/2, stretch pants 10/12 or bracelet kits  
Claimed Other D2- Girl, age 2 Dolls, stuffed kitties/owls, Tops/pants size 4T, hologram nightlight-stars or plush blankets  
Claimed Other H1- Girl, age 8 Hooded sweatshirts size 8/10, Horse barbie, kitchen set or drawing kit  
Claimed Other H2- Boy, age 4 Hot wheels track, Batman toys, dump truck or clothes size 6  
Claimed Other H- Household Cub Foods Gift Cards  
Claimed Other Sc1- Boy, age 10 Socks, colored underwear, sweat pants 8/10, Ninjago Legos, anything Packers or football shirt  
Claim This Other Sc2- Boy, age 8 Socks, colored underwear, sweat pants 10/12, Hockey/football shirts/jerseys or Ninjago Legos  
Claim This Other K- Household Cub Foods or Burt‘s Meats Gift Cards  
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