Potluck Name:DO Oct Party "Valhalla!"
Potluck Details:Norse food!
Potluck Location:Ashwood Hall
Potluck Date:10/27/2018
Potluck Time:7pm
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/DOOctPartyValhalla

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Potluck Items
DO - Merchant Main Dish pork stew viking recipe!  
Margie Snack summer sausage  
Margie Snack white cheddar cheese  
Caroline Neely Appetizer Deviled eggs Regular Deviled Eggs  
Trokkar Appetizer Veggie Tray  
Brimstone/Melinda Appetizer Veggie Tray  
Anne Appetizer Veggie Tray  
Melinda Main Dish Pot Roast I can make 2  
Caroline Neely Main Dish Roast Chicken  
Andrea Side Dish Fresh Baked Bread Gluten free! As an edible alternative for our friends with restricted diets :)  
Claim This Dessert Fresh Fruit and Honey Seasonal Fruit drizzled with honey and served with fresh buttered bread.  
Claim This Dessert Norwegian Rhubarb Cake. Pinterest.com/pin/317503842460212240  
Melinda Side Dish Roasted Veggies Roasted Root Veggies, Turnips, carrots, sweetand reg taters, onions, and fennel  
Claim This Side Dish Green Soup http://thevikingworld.pbworks.com/w/page/4842629/Traditional%20Viking%20Foods  
Claim This Dessert Pancakes with Berries http://thevikingworld.pbworks.com/w/page/4842629/Traditional%20Viking%20Foods  
Gannd Dessert Pies Cherry and apple  
Blackfeather Dessert Golden Apple Cobbler of Idunn Apples from the North to grant a taste of Asgard!  
Claim This Main Dish pizza skulls [Margie has pans if anyone wants to make them!]  
Rigel Side Dish Dinner Rolls  
Jamie Woodford Main Dish Chicken wings  
Scarlette Appetizer Alien and Demon Eggs Hard boiled eggs with a creepy cover and spicy dipping sauce  *
Harlan Dessert handmade chocolates  
Mythos Drink black cherry mead homemade  
Rumor Appetizer chips & dip  
Prisma Side Dish bread (bakery)  
Benedict Main Dish Steak on a stake  
amandaofdoom Dessert Pistachio pudding pie  
Ambrosia Main Dish Turkey breast oven roasted with gravy  
Viper Main Dish Grilled Lamb Herb & Garlic encrusted  
Viper Main Dish Grilled Lamb Herb & Garlic encrusted  
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