Potluck Name:Hanukkah 2018@BSRC
Potluck Details:In the glow of all our candles, after our 6 PM service. PLEASE BRING YOUR PLACE SETTING, favored beverage
Potluck Location:BSRC
Potluck Date:12/07/2018
Potluck Time:7:00 PM
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/Hanukkah2018BSRC

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Potluck Items
Debra Nozik Appetizer Veggies and dip  
Steve Morse|Brenda Hazard Main Dish Meat Slow-cooked Mexican chicken  
Claim This Main Dish Meat  
Claim This Main Dish Meat  
Sharona Wachs Main Dish LATKES-POTATO  
Emily and Poppy Harrison Main Dish LATKES-POTATO  
Margie Pass Main Dish LATKES-other than potato Vegetable-probably zucchini  
Edmund Main Dish Vegetarian:non-dairy  *
Claim This Main Dish Vegetarian:non-dairy  
Judy Fruiterman Main Dish Vegetarian:non pasta Barley Butternut Squash Casserole  
Amy KR Main Dish Vegetarian:non-pasta Mediterranean lentil bake  
Carol and Doug Smith Main Dish Vegetarian:non-pasta lentils and rice with caramelized onions  
Melissa PH Salad tossed  
Ann Lowenfels Salad cut veggies  
steve ableman Salad be creative! macaroni salad  
Ann Shapiro Side Dish  
Barbara Devore Side Dish carrots  
Lois Gordon Side Dish Vegetable dish  
Paul Bamberger Side Dish Apple sauce  
Edith Goldstein Dessert Fruit salad apples,oranges,berries,etc.  
Rachael Crawford and Jaimie Mi Dessert Fruit  
Susan Radosh Other Vegetarian-dairy spanikopita or other  
Lieman Family Other  
Deb Adler Main Dish Vegetarian Mac & Cheese  
Christine Dessert Lemon Spice Cake  
Goldberg Family Dessert cookies  
Randy/Ellie Davis Side Dish Cabbage Dish Cabbage/potatoes/carrots  
David and Katelyn Salad Crunchy salad  *
Becky M. Salad chopped salad probably with a marinade  
Hedy Lowenstein Main Dish Vegetarian Vegetable dish (hasn‘t decided)  
Mari Vosburgh Other Applesauce-2 big jars  
Elizabeth Alowitz Other Sour cream 2 containers  
Amy Sternstein Other Challah - 2  
Mari Vosburgh Other clean up clean up after the dinner  
Goldberg Family Other clean up clean up after the dinner  
Claim This Other clean up clean up after the dinner  
David Liebschutz Salad Tossed  
Rema Goldstein Dessert brownies  
Ann Shapiro Side Dish Roasted Brussel Sprouts  
Royhe’s Side Dish Brussel Sprouts  
Anne Hausgaard Side Dish Baked Cauliflower With cheese & Rue  
Linda Finkle Dessert Fruit Pie  
Linda Finkle Other clean up clean up after the dinner  
Claim This Main Dish LATKES-POTATO  
Claim This Main Dish LATKES-POTATO  
Maggie Tabak Main Dish Baked ravioli vegetarian/dairy  
Liz Davis Dessert Cider Belly jelly donuts  
Sandra & Jeff Goldmeer Other  
Nicola Fisher Drink Wine  
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