Potluck Name:2019 Skater Banquet
Potluck Details:Awards Banquet, and Fun Night
Potluck Location:Maxwell Heights High School
Potluck Date:05/07/2019
Potluck Time:6:30PM
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/2019SkaterBanquet

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Potluck Items
Claim This Appetizer Cheese & Crackers  
Bjorndahl Appetizer Veggie Tray  
Claim This Appetizer Veggie Tray  
Craven Appetizer Spinach Dip  
Claim This Appetizer Salsa Dip  
Claim This Appetizer Dip  
Claim This Side Dish rice dish  
Klock Side Dish potato dish Loaded Crockpot Potatoes  
Claim This Side Dish Pasta Dish  
Claim This Side Dish Vegetable Dish  
Claim This Salad Garden  
Claim This Salad Potato Salad  
Claim This Salad Pasta Salad  
Claim This Main Dish Meatballs  
Claim This Main Dish Lasagna  
Claim This Main Dish Chili  
Tran Main Dish  
Claim This Main Dish  
Claim This Main Dish  
Claim This Main Dish  
Klock Dessert Tarts Butter, Pumpkin, Apple  
Belmonte Dessert Cake  
Longhurst Dessert Fruit Tray  
Claim This Dessert Fruit Tray  
OSC Drink Water  
Claim This Drink Water  
Claim This Drink Water  
OSC Drink Juice Boxes  
dubyk Drink Juice Boxes  
McCord Drink Pop  
Claim This Drink Pop  
Claim This Drink Pop  
Claim This Drink Coffee & Tea  
Claim This Other Milk & Sugar  
Tran Drink Tea Green tea bags (and kettle)  
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