Potluck Name:Staff Appreciation Lunch
Potluck Details:Thank you for making an Appetizer, Salads, Entrees, or Desserts. Any master chef jr's out there?! It doesn't need to be large just a small taste is great & appreciated by our 55 staff members! (if your family is Gluten free, vegetarian, vegan? what a great time to show off your creative recipe) Volunteers are NEEDED: 11:00 - 12:00 for set-up and 1:30 - 3:00 for dishes & clean-up. Please Bring Food to the Staff Lunchroom by 11:20 on Tuesday June 12 (It can be dropped off in the morning and will be put in the fridge if needed.) Questions call Cindy at 778-990-5065 DON'T FORGET TO LABLE YOUR DISH & SERVING UTENSILS! THEN PICK THEM UP AT 3:00 IN FRONT OF THE PAC KITCHEN SO THEY DON'T GO MISSING :) If you have clean leftover containers from eg- takeout, cottage cheese, yoghurt, we will recycle them for you and it will help us with leftovers.
Potluck Location:Lynn Valley Staffroom
Potluck Date:06/11/2019
Potluck Time:11:15am
Potluck URL: http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/StaffAppreciationLunch13

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Potluck Items
Cindy Drink Summer punch enough punch for all 55 staff  
Jessica Curry Salad broccoli salad vegan  
Ainsley Snack Sourdough bread / breadsticks  
Sunny Side Dish Fried sweet potato sliced  
Robin Dessert Cake GF chocolate cake  
Kate Appetizer Tomato bocconcini skewers  
Lilian Side Dish Onigiri Japanese rice balls  
Trina Dessert Cookies  
Hwayeon Side Dish dumpling Korean pork dumpling  
Christine Main Dish Croissants, meats, and cheeses 2 dz croissants and the makings for sandwiches  
Lori Dessert Fudge or brownies  
Natalie Salad Mediterranean Quinoa Salad  
Jeein Jang(Erin) Side Dish Mini Pancake Korean Vegetable pancake  
Alison Main Dish Pasta Chicken Penne Curry  
Maya Dessert Key lime pie  
Kai Dessert German Cheese Cake Contains dairy/traces of nuts  
Lisa Finden Snack Fruit & cheese  
Claire Side Dish kimbab korean rolls  
Clare W Main Dish Veg Korma Curry and Rice Mild spice made with Paneer  
Sarah Main Dish Mixed sandwiches Meat & vegetarian sandwiches  
Christie Y Dessert Squares Pineapple Fluff  
Sal Dessert Tuxedo Cake  
Mahshid Salad Quinoa Salad  
Yanica Snack Fruit and veggie platters  
Lindsay C Main Dish Pasta bake Pasta bolognese with cheese topping  
Saki Salad Soba salad Japanese buckwheat noodles and veggies  
Marjorie Appetizer Spinach Dip Spinach dip and bread  
Alison Salad spinach salad  
Yuko Main Dish Quiche Ham/cheese and spinach (24 servings)  
Megan Appetizer Chips, salsa, guacamole  
Kyla Dessert Cinnamon tortilla crisps  
Kyla Main Dish  
May Lee Side Dish Jap-chae korean noodle  
Marla Appetizer  
Diane Side Dish Chicken Wings  
Jodie Salad Green Salad  
Esme Side Dish Coucous Salad Couscous, feta, tom, cue, parsley  
Esme Side Dish Coucous Salad Couscous, feta, tom, cue, parsley  
Esme Dessert Cookies Choc Orange Home Made  
Tomoko Dessert Red bean doughnuts  
Pooja sharma Side Dish Black eyed peas Black eyed peas in onion and tomato sauce and Indian spices  
Pooja sharma Dessert Red velvet cake Red velvet cake with chocolate chips  
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