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HiRecently I got Fujitsu Siemens Stylistic Tablet ST5031D from eBay and I have the same problem as Alien ALX, lemany the BIOS is password protected and I can't log in to it. The seller gave me a password but it doesn't work so I'm stuck now trying to figure it out. Apart from that I can log in to Windows and work normally.The BIOS is from Phoenix. As this is a slate tablet there is no physical keyboard but there is one presented on the screen. The password field is 8 characters long and after three failures computer locks down with a loud continuous beep and I have to power it off.The password you gave to Alien ALX can not be used as it is 11 characters long.I would appreciate if you'd have a suggestion what to do and which software to use, e.g. try to get the dump of the bios, remove the battery, etc.The computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium.Thanks